Right Lawn, Right Price. That’s what we promise here at All Green Turf. But what is that price exactly?

Turf prices can vary greatly from turf supplier to turf supplier, making the job of identifying true value a difficult one. At All Green Turf we realise that you don’t want to overspend on your new lawn – all backyard work needs to fit within a budget – but we also know that you’ll want a high quality turf that looks beautiful, and will continue to look beautiful well into the future.

Finding the right lawn at the right price is simple with All Green Turf. Just choose the variety best suited to your situation and measure out the area that you need to cover, and our friendly team will offer you an ultra-competitive quote.

But which variety of turf should you get priced?

Noble Green Premium Soft Leaf Buffalo
If you’re after a lush, low maintenance lawn that’ll stay green no matter the conditions, look no further than Noble Buffalo. Whether in Winter or Summer, in sun or in shade, you can rely on Noble to look gorgeous. It’s known as The Ultimate Australian Lawn for a reason!

Premium Green Desire Soft Leaf Buffalo
A more cost-effective Buffalo option, Desire Buffalo still offers the hardiness, ease of maintenance and depth of colour that All Green Turf Buffalo varieties are famous for.

Standard Soft Leaf Buffalo
A classic take on soft leaf Buffalo, this variety features a broad leaf with a lush green tint.

An Australian favourite, the combination of fast-growth, low maintenance and hardiness makes Kikuyu a true all-rounder. It’s often used in medium to large areas as it is incredibly cost effective.

Winter Green Couch
While standard Couch varieties have a reputation of being coarse, Winter Green offers a softer and finer leaf without being any less hard wearing than its pricklier cousins.

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