We grow a range of lawn turf varieties that are suited to all Sydney’s climate conditions. We have turf varieties that thrive well in both full sun and shady areas. We offer lawn varieties that cater to every budget and requirements.

Instant turf varieties

Our instant turf varieties such as Premium Noble Green Buffalo makes owning a new lawn easy. Noble Green is a lush green, low-maintenance lawn that is suited to both warm and cool climates, full sun and shady areas. It also retains an excellent lush green colour throughout the year.

Noble Green buffalo is ideal for homeowners that require a premium quality lush green lawn that is hard-wearing and low-maintenance. It’s a high-performing turf, your whole family and pets will enjoy playing on it.

What’s more?

  • D.I.Y people can take advantage of our prompt 7-day Sydney-wide delivery service.
  • Free forklift service is available to place turf in the desired location on site (where access is available).
  • Turf pallets are taken back straight away, leaving customers without the hassle and cost of disposing empty pallets from their site.
  • Turf is freshly harvested from our farm only when ordered. This ensures our customers receive the freshest product possible.

Our range of instant turf varieties